At Capstone, your thoughts and ideas are central to our ongoing success. We regularly survey our Authorised Representatives to ensure we are consistently providing services that benefit your business. We then analyse the data and coordinate projects as a direct result of our Adviser’s and Accountant’s comments. At Capstone, we hear you and listen – a unique feature of our size and adaptability.


“The minute I joined Capstone I was completely taken care of, the transfer of my accounts and commission was seamless and I was supported throughout the process. I can’t fault the entire experience.

The team at Capstone could not be more friendly or helpful, they have helped me, re-invigorated me and have made running my business so much easier for me. It’s so refreshing to work with people who actually care. I can’t recommend them highly enough.”

Nicole Heales, Nicole Heales Financial

“Capstone quickly earned our respect as they oversaw a smooth transition of clients and effectively commenced all aspects of trading under their Licence. Since then, our situation of being located within an accountancy group has not daunted the business development support within Capstone who have fine-tuned our internal marketing, resulting in high levels of acceptance and professional respect within the group.

Whether assistance has been strategic development or solving day-to-day problems, the staff at Capstone have always sought to understand our business and have skillfully and subtly guided our growth.”

Paul Wood, Paris Financial Services

“I have found the Professional Standards Team to be practical, methodical and supportive with assistance to best meet client needs.”

Vicki Martin, Objective Solutions

“I joined Capstone Financial Planning in 2003 as I was looking for a Group that could offer a high level of independence and freedom that came from not being institutionally owned.

At the same time we wanted to work with a business that could provide the necessary support to our practice when needed from quality people with the right expertise and knowledge. Capstone’s flexible approach has provided the right mix for us”.

Anthony Buckley, Financial Planit

“A functional Client Management System is critical to a modern financial planning practice. Capstone excels in the support it provides to Xplan users.

The delivery of ROA and SOA templates and wizards in particular has streamlined my business, saving me hours per week, whilst ensuring that I meet my compliance obligations.”

Allen Dillon, Capstone Financial Planning