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Quite often institutionally-owned Licensees lack a relationship focus and really don’t get to know your business thus leaving advisers feeling disillusioned and professionally compromised by the one size fits all approach that includes the confines of a restricted product list.

At Capstone we’re different, we are privately owned, provide an extensive APL through Lonsec including a very broad range of platforms, risk insurers and stockbrokers, as well as a full back room service offering.

When you choose Capstone as your Licensee, you’ll have access to all the advice, support services, and resources you need to run a successful practice. These support services include Technology, Compliance, Marketing, Practice Management as well as Training and Education. With a dedicated on-boarding team and comprehensive induction program you will become operational very quickly.

Capstone have a range of authorisations designed to meet your business needs depending on your business lifecycle stage. We make it all about you and your business whereas most Licensees just focus on their own product growth.

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We provide more than just software support. Our team of system and process specialists can help build advice framework efficiencies to improve operational and advice procedures. Time is valuable, and with our help you can experience greater business capabilities and capacity solutions that will save you time and money.

Our technology support services include:

  • Xplan administration management.
  • Capstone workflow model and customisation.
  • Fund manager data input management.
  • Advice templates.
  • Revenue management.

Along with these support services we also operate an Xplan help desk during business hours (AEST). This allows us to provide technical support and guidance that’s only a phone call away.


Capstone understand the importance of a relationship focussed Compliance team. Whilst all Licensees have ASIC standards to adhere to, we pride ourselves on the professionalism, communication and quality guidance that our team provides.

We aim to simplify processes and complex regulated requirements while still ensuring that everything we do is completely compliant.

This involves a ‘can do’ approach delivered via:

  • A team of dedicated Compliance Officers offering nationwide support.
  • Excellent help desk support.
  • A comprehensive induction program.
  • A thorough pre-vetting program.
  • Ongoing reviews and audits.
  • Regular training and professional development.

In addition to our in-house specialists we have a long-standing association with one of the industry’s leading Compliance consultants providing a supplementary level of support if required.

Marketing and Communications

At Capstone, our in-house marketing and communications team provide customised support to help you to establish and grow your business.

Our marketing and communications services include:

  • Online marketing support, including assistance with website development and search engine marketing.
  • Assistance with social media, including regular ready-made social media posts on financial topics, issues and considerations.
  • Brand development and evolution.
  • Design of corporate identify material including letterhead, business cards and report covers.
  • Development of client value propositions (CVPs).
  • Development of corporate profiles and service marketing material to articulate your value proposition.
  • Content development including website copy, brochures and other client communication materials.
  • Regular newsletter articles and bulletins to keep your clients engaged.

We understand the importance of remaining ‘top of mind’ with clients and provide regular client-facing communications to support your relationships with your clients. This tailored service alleviates advisers of the burden of sourcing or preparing content on a regular basis themselves.

Practice Management

At Capstone, we understand that no two businesses are the same. Although service offerings may be similar, advisers have differing priorities and operate at different stages of the business life cycle. Accordingly, we offer a highly personalised service, working with you, one on one to achieve your business objectives. Our managers are dedicated to providing practical and experienced guidance, advice and coaching about your financial planning practice management. This service covers areas such as:

The Capstone Client Engagement Model 
Creating an engaging business process that connects in a meaningful way with lasting effect. Find out more.

Your Client Value Proposition and How To Articulate Your Value
Crafting a compelling, unique business offer that you can effectively deliver and that’s easy to show.

Pricing – How To Value, Set, and Position Your Fees
The art and science of pricing your business services.

Technology Implementation
Ensuring a robust, effective and efficient system.

Business & Action Planning
Designing and achieving your desired reality.

Client Referrals
How to systematically gain client referrals and advocacy.

Centre of Influence Alliances
How to systematically gain centre of influence referrals and form alliance relationships.

Strategic Client Attraction Campaigns
How to systematically develop and implement new and existing client ‘new business’ development strategies.

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Capstone provide our advisers with an industry leading extensive Approved Product List (APL).

Our APL is sourced from the highly professional third party provider LONSEC of which we have had a strong association for 14 years

Any product researched by LONSEC that is rated investment grade or better is available for our advisers to use through a detailed online research portal.

To further assist our advisers we underpin this research with an extensive lists of Wrap platforms, Master Trusts, Multi managers, Risk Insurers and Stock brokers.

Our overall Research environment is substantial and is designed to help you do business.


Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is an integral part of the professional framework. Capstone’s Authorised Representatives are required to undertake ongoing training to maintain and update the knowledge and skills that are appropriate to an individual’s authorisation. Further to this, we assist advisers with their ongoing CPE obligations for the Tax Practitioners Board (TPB) by incorporating CPE elements in our training program.

Capstone is committed to the professional development of its authorised representatives and ensuring they remain competent and up to date in our rapidly changing industry. We do this using a blended learning approach which includes Capstone facilitated Professional Development days, SMSF Workshops, webinars, a conference, and online CPD. Our annual training calendar incorporates regular programs specifically designed around current industry issues, investment trends, economic updates, strategies and advice opportunities for your business. We engage and partner with industry leading specialists to ensure quality training is always delivered. All Capstone facilitated training is assessed by an FPA accredited assessor.

To ensure advisers are able to easily plan, track and manage their CPD and CPE requirements, all Capstone advisers have access to an online training management program. Capstone’s online training management system is straight forward to use and is easily accessible via your PC, tablet or mobile device at any time. All Capstone advisers are allocated a tailored training plan based on their level of authorisation which is managed and monitored via our online training program. Advisers also have access to a limited range of online CPD articles to assist them with their CPD obligations.

In addition to our training events and online program, Capstone have strong networks in the industry to be able to provide tailored training solutions based on your individual needs. We have relationships with various industry leading RTOs and professional associations which includes access to preferred pricing arrangements and their extensive training and support services.




The preparation of advice documents (Statement of Advice etc) is an essential part of the advice process however it can be an onerous and often time-consuming task. The alternative to preparing plans yourself is to allocate the function to internal resources, or to engage an external third party provider.

Some advisers find that they simply don’t generate enough work on a regular basis to justify the investment that’s required to retain paraplanning resources in-house. Others recognise that it’s not the best use of their time – particularly when you could be spending your time more wisely helping clients.

To address these concerns, Capstone has formed strong relationships with paraplanning providers who offer high-quality, customised advice documents in a timely manner.

This professional service alleviates you of the burden of preparing documents yourself – allowing you more time to focus your efforts on more profitable activity.

When you consider the alternatives, outsourcing your paraplanning requirements to a reliable third party makes good business sense.

To find out more about the paraplanning services available through Capstone, please contact us.

Discover the benefits of a privately owned Licensee.


Bronson Financial Services

“At a time of industry upheaval, the support of Capstone has been a godsend. Everything they promised they delivered.If you are looking for a new licensee you cannot beat the Capstone service offering."


Canyon Financial Planning

“Capstone Financial Planning should be at the top of your list for a Licensee. Grant and his amazing team give a down to earth and personalised approach to supporting practices.”


Strategic Retirement Solutions

“I recommend Capstone to any adviser seeking to 'go out on their own'. They are a fabulous licensee!”


Everalls Wealth Management

“With Capstone I can operate my business free from conflict. They have no in-house products, a flexible APL, and an extensive list of SMA solutions. I recommend Capstone highly.”


Nett Assets

“I can highly recommend Capstone for planners seeking an independent licensee that’s not in your face but provide quality support services. Their service and support is second to none and has allowed us to concentrate on providing our clients with a premium level of service.”


Paradigm Principle

“Having been with Capstone for a number of years, one thing that really stands out is their willingness to help and can do attitude. These are qualities we really appreciate.”


IEC Advisory

“The team at Capstone are all genuinely really good people. They are remarkable with their service culture. They really do care what you think, and they are genuine about our joint success into the longer term.”