Capstone’s Elevate Tier is an all-inclusive support system ensuring you are fully equipped to run your business to the best of its ability. We believe business should only be conducted with 100% dedication and effort, so this Tier suits those focussed on growing, developing, defining and improving their businesses. With complete operational support you have the time to focus on your clients. Your business deserves the best, so surround yourself with like-minded support professionals who are experts in their respective fields.

This Tier would suit those who:

  • Are motivated to identify efficiencies across their business
  • Wish to create, maintain and promote their business brand
  • Have an interest in acquisition or succession planning support
  • Regard marketing and client communication strategies of utmost importance
  • Match marketing strategies to complement value proposition
  • Understand the significance of technology and process management
  • Require business coaching and development
  • Enjoy working with a best practice framework

Included in this Tier are the following support services

The degree of compliance obligations can be overwhelming; so we support you so you can be confident that your advice meets ASIC’s requirements. It’s vital to ensure that our internal Professional Standards team and Authorised Representatives are working in unison. 

Our consultative approach leads to increased learning, allowing a continuous stream of enhancement across your compliance and regulatory requirements. Best practice methodology is our guiding principle.

  • Annual audit and review service
  • Technical support
  • Advice guidance
  • Full suite of advice documents
  • Flexible approach 
  • Supportive help desk
  • In-house Paraplanning available
  • Assess to our support partners top technical teams

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Advice construction can often be onerous and costly of your time and Capstone have developed flexible solutions, offering Authorised Representatives freedom to select their preferred Paraplanning option. We offer an in-house service to help with the construction of your required advice documentation.

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With a comprehensive APL that is reviewed regularly by our third party provider, Lonsec and our investment committee, you have the choice to determine the most appropriate option for your clients. We realise the investment horizon changes and evolves and aim to ensure we are providing for your advice needs.

  • Lonsec Recommended List
  • Capstone Additional Recommended List
  • Research Support Service

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Our philosophy surrounding training and development is to create lifelong learning where our training is relevant, current, topical and delivered with innovation in an interactive environment. Our increased understanding around legislative change, means we provide you with the latest strategy development in order for you to provide valued based advice solutions.

  • Annual CPD Days (specialist days, PD days, courses etc)
  • Annual Development Conference

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The need to regularly review and analyse your business is of utmost importance as we head into an ever evolving advice world. If you are not currently identifying new advice opportunities, then your competitors are – so get on the front foot with Capstone. If you want to transform your business and engage value based advice opportunities, let us show you how.

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Our dedicated business consulting and coaching staff understand financial planning and accounting businesses. Each business owner has different priorities and we will work with you to uncover your business objectives. Our approach is tailored around you – business paced and business driven. Areas of support depending on your priorities include:

  • Development of Client Value Proposition
  • Pricing your advice and service models
  • Business life cycle analysis and support
  • Acquisition and succession planning
  • Centres of Influence / lead generation
  • Improve/refine sales skills
  • Advice opportunities
  • Be independently owned, we support you for delivering the best client experience
  • Dealing with changes across the financial planning and accounting profession 

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Keeping up to date with the latest marketing trends and technological developments can be overwhelming. Capstone Marketing can assist your business from very simple tasks through to strategic marketing plans. The below list provides an example of some of the areas we can assist with. This list is by no means exhaustive, but may give you an idea of what we can offer:

  • Development of your Client Value Proposition (CVP)
  • Segmentation and Differentiation
  • Digital and Online Strategy (inc website and social media)
  • Website content development, site map, working with developers etc
  • Brochure development
  • Client newsletters
  • Client surveys
  • Client events (seminars)
  • Brand development and evolution
  • Marketing action list
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At Capstone we offer far more than support of your software. With a team of experienced system and process specialists, we can help you uncover efficiencies within your advice framework. Time is valuable and with improved operational and advice procedures, you can experience greater capacity and business capabilities. 

  • Customised advice framework
  • Tailored automated processes
  • Work flow threads
  • Database guidance and advice

You can choose your own preferred software; however, with market leading software (Xplan), we can help you maximise the potential of this powerful medium, allowing integration that will undoubtedly help streamline your business activities.

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Efficient revenue management is vital to your financial position and at Capstone we have a solution that provides transparent options around revenue processing and reporting.

If you are interested in discovering more about Capstone and how we can help your business, click here.

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