Market and Economic overview Australia Economic data continues to paint a mixed picture of the domestic economy. The manufacturing PMI survey – a useful gauge of activity levels in the sector – came in below the 50 level; indicating challenging conditions. Job advertisements have also been weak and are running -3.7% below the corresponding period […]

Six things to consider when investing for retirement Many people aged between 50 and 65 are uncertain about being able to cover living expenses in retirement. In the past retirees could rely on the age pension to secure their retirement. Many retirees are now less confident about this source of support, as a growing number […]

Market Volatility: An Overview Many investors become concerned when volatility occurs in global financial markets – particularly about the impact on their superannuation and other investments. In times like these, it is important to understand the causes of market movements and how to minimise your risk. Why do markets move so much? Markets are influenced […]

Understanding SMSF contributions Contributions can play an essential role in a self-managed superannuation fund. Your contributions can be made in two ways – by cash or an asset (known in the trade as ‘in specie’ contribution). Typically, your SMSF can accept: employer contributions personal contributions salary sacrifice contributions super co-contributions eligible spouse contributions The Australian […]

How to protect your loved ones after you’re gone As the old saying goes, there are only two things certain in life: death and taxes. Unfortunately, most of us spend too much time worrying over the latter and not enough discussing the former, uncomfortable though it may be. But while no one enjoys contemplating the […]

Investing in the ageing population You’ve undoubtedly heard that Australians are living longer. The most recent Intergenerational Report for instance, projected that the number of Australians aged 65 and over would more than double by 2055, compared with 2015. Keeping an older generation fit and healthy requires significant investment in certain areas such as healthcare […]

How to escape the Credit Card debt trap According to the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC), Australians owe a total of $45 billion in credit card debt, and about half of us continue to make low repayments and remain in debt month after month.[1] Did you know that a $2,000 credit card debt would […]

How to avoid a money meltdown with your partner It makes the world go around, but money can be the source of serious problems among couples, in some cases leading to total relationship breakdowns. Of course it’s not the money per se that creates the issues, but rather our views surrounding it – our financial […]

Introduction 2017 was a great year for well diversified investors – returns were solid (balanced super funds returned around 10%) and volatility was low. So optimism was high going into 2018 but it turned out to be anything but great for investors who saw poor returns (average balanced super funds look to have lost around […]

Review of 2018, outlook for 2019 Key points 2018 saw reasonable global economic and profit growth and still low interest rates but it has been a rough year for investors with worries about the Fed, trade wars and global growth causing volatility and poor returns. 2019 is unlikely to see the plunge into recession many […]